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Dr. Peter Corr

Dr. Peter B. Corr, Principal

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Office: 908-546-6107

General Description Of Company

INOV8, LLC as part of the University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park provides investment capital, management oversight and medical,  pharmaceutical, venture capital and private equity consulting services to a variety of enterprises in the United States and internationally. INOV8 is engaged in both advising existing entities and helping to fund and start new enterprises. In the latter case, INOV8 might identify an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to start a new business in the USVI. INOV8 would apply its wealth of venture capital and private equity experience, knowledge of science, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and information networks to help the entrepreneur to think through his or her business plan, operating and start-up budgets, and proposed capital structure. INOV8 would also carry out in-depth due diligence on all aspects of the business opportunity, as well as the background of the entrepreneur. INOV8 provides angel capital to help the business get started. INOV8 will primarily make its capital investments in partnership with other investors although in certain cases it may initially invest alone. INOV8 will receive fee income for the services it provides, and capital appreciation on its investments. In addition, if asked, INOV8 will serve as director of client companies' Boards and INOV8 will receive fees for so doing. INOV8 may also receive equity ownership in its investments in lieu of or in addition to fees, and may offer financing structures to other investors in its venture capital and private equity investments.

INOV8 and Dr. Peter B. Corr, the Principal of INOV8, LLC, offer the RTPark program generally, and UVI particularly, the opportunity to expand its academic breadth by aiding the UVI in its establishment and funding of a medical school. INOV8 brings consulting and venture capital investment knowledge in pharmaceuticals, science and medicine to the Territory. By working with INOV8 through the RTPark program, the University opens itself to direct collaboration with this resource.  Dr. Corr lectures annually on topics relevant to the science and medicine, and/or entrepreneurship.  The lectures focus on four (4) areas:

  1. The Research and Development (“R&D”) process for new medicines
  2. The process of Translational Medicine – from lab bench to bedside
  3. Entrepreneurship in Biology and Medicine
  4. Leadership

INOV8, LLC also provides for two interns from the University of the Virgin Islands each year for 20 hours per week throughout each semester:

  1. One intern will work at Patient Assist VI (“PAVI”) to develop marketing plans and the implementation thereof for awareness of patients and physicians in the U.S. Virgin Islands to have access to medicines they cannot afford. Dr. Corr is Chairman of the Board for PAVI.
  2. The other intern will work directly with Dr. Corr at INOV8 with regard to reviewing and designing clinical protocols for clinical trials in several therapeutic disease areas.  Interns will be involved in all aspects of the development of medicines including regulatory requirements, manufacturing of clinical supplies and implementation of clinical trials to test the drugs under study for both safety and efficacy.  This internship involves one-on-one learning with hands-on work with leaders in their respective fields.  Dependent on progress and the abilities of the intern, selected trips to INOV8’s (or other) development sites may be provided to expand the intern’s exposure in this field.

As part of the Prospective Tenant’s Business, Dr. Corr also personally provides the UVI with assistance in several areas relating to the new Medical School:

  1. Working with UVI, INOV8 will assist in fundraising for the new Medical School with assistance from the Development Staff at the UVI.
  2. Use Dr. Corr’s Chairmanship at the International Partnership for Microbicides (“IPM”) for Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection leading to AIDS (HIV) prevention as a resource to UVI. Should the Dapivirine Ring (currently in Phase III clinical trials in Africa) be approved, INOV8 will develop a program to use the ring in the U.S. Virgin Islands in connection with HIV prevention activities in association with the UVI Medical School and the two regional hospitals (Schneider and Juan Luis) and other testing centers for HIV.
  3. Dr. Corr assists Dr. Benjamin Sachs, Interim Dean of the Medical School, with Curriculum Development and with setting model programs between the Medical School, the two regional hospitals (Schneider and Juan Luis) and local practicing physicians.